Thomas Therborn

Thomas Therborn

Thomas Therborn, born 1965, has a university degree in computer science and business administration from Lund University, and a MBA-diploma from Stanford University, with specialization in IT and Entrepreneurship.
Thomas has since 1989 worked within the IT-industry, mainly specializing in enterprise systems and has worked as a programmer, consultant, sales representative, project manager, sales manager and business developer. In 1994 Thomas joined SAP Svenska AB, and between 1994 and 2002, Thomas was instrumental in building SAP in Sweden and the Nordics.

During the years 2002 to 2011, Thomas was founder and CEO of the company Spring Consulting. A consulting firm with 94 employees, exclusively focused on enterprise systems.

Spring Consulting was awarded both the ”Gazelle”-award and the Business Weekly’s award “Super Company” because of the company’s successful combination of strong growth and profit. Thomas lectures at several universities about enterprise systems, and has as a consultant and advisor in the area of enterprise systems, supported many companies of all sizes and industries. 2011, Thomas started his own consulting company, Standitt, and became also the COO of Design of Europe. Please see these links for more information.

Since 2013, Thomas is back to the #1, SAP, and is the Services Account Executive for the most prominent customers of SAP.

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